Definition - What does Oenology mean?

Oenology is the science of all aspects of winemaking and wine. Oenology does not study vine growing or grape harvesting, those areas fall under the subfield of viticulture. A person who studies oenology is called an oenologist. The term oenology comes from the Greek word oinos, which means "wine" and logio, which means "study of".

WineFrog explains Oenology

Oenology focuses on the study of the wine making process from crushing to serving and everything in between, including the must, fermentation, racking, bottling, and aging of wine. Specifically, oenology studies the science of the complicated chemical reactions that take place in the grape juice as it becomes wine. Degrees in oenology are available at the BS or MS level and careers in oenology include working as a winemaker or working in a laboratory studying wine making processes.